Unborn Lives Matter Decal - Sticker For Your Car Truck Window wall phone tablet Anti Abortion Choose Life

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We measure our decals by the largest measurement. This decal is die cut from a solid sheet of vinyl in the color of your choice.

We make premium quality outdoor decals. We stand behind our creations and we make sure you are satisfied and happy!

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I was happy to see a company based in Canada who provide such nice stickers! Not too many people here believe that the unborn babies are actually babies. According to this new liberal/fascist ideology, embryo/fetus is not human. They dehumanize the unborn babies to conduct horrific medical experiments on them. Such fetal cell lines as HEK293, Wi-38, Walvax 2 etc. derived from the aborted babies are used in vaccines and drug testing. Those babies are alive when they get them out of their mothers uteruses. They are still alive when they are dissected and opened up to harvest their organs. Are we not Nazis after this? What happened to us that we allow this and call this barbaric crimes against humanity a reproductive right? Thank you for the great sticker.

I put it in my laptop. It’s well made andit feels nice to the touch.

Good sticker to have on my car!


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